Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who I am and What I believe

"Tide Pool #2"    22x30  mixed media
I have been painting since I was 12 years old.  By this time that represents a lot of years and many paintings.  I guess some would say I am a good painter, but by this time I should be.  I have a reputation for having the ability to make people laugh, a character blessing or fault, I guess that depends on your sense of humor, that I will accept. There are times when my sense of humor masks my genuine passion for making art.  I take my art seriously, but not myself.  People have said to me they never know when I am kidding or serious.  Here it is the answer, when I am talking about life and the things people do I sometimes make jokes. When teaching art, looking at art, or making art I never make jokes.
I  believe that art comes from our emotions and beliefs.  It cannot be bought at the art store, borrowed from another artist, or made with tricks and gimmicks.  There are those who teach tricks and use gimmicks to allow students to make images that look like art even though there is nothing in them that is art.  Imitation may be flattering to those being copied, but it is never authentic in idea of emotion.  Watercolorist are often heard complaining that museums and galleries do not respect their work. When the majority of watercolors they see are so based in tradition and technique it is no wonder the work is not taken seriously.
If it sounds like I am a grumpy old man (even though that is one of my favorite movies) I really am not.  My reason for proclaiming my dissatisfaction is that I know that many would-be artist are being cheated out of the real and greatest joy that comes from painting and that is the reward of CREATION.  Creation is the result of ideas and observations being given form that are unique to the artist.